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Chemical and Physical Changes

Property of matter that can be observed without changing the composition or identity of the matter
Compound or element that changes during a chemical reaction
Temperature at which substances change from a liquid to a gas
Chararcteristics of a substance that describe its tendency to combine with other substances and form new ones
Doesn't have definite shape or volume, exists only at high temperatures
Keeps its shape and volume
Takes the shape of container, keeps some volume (in the container or not) can flow
ability of a substance to dissolve in another substance or a measure of the amount of a substance
Chemical reaction in which energy is absorbed
Change that takes place when 2 or more substances interact to form new substances
Chemical reaction in which energy is given off
The material that all objects and substances are made of; anything that has mass and takes up space
Ability to be pulled into thin wire
Ability to be pressed into a sheet
Temperature at which a substance changes from a solid to a liquid
Amount of mass in a given volume of a substance /object
Compound or element that is the result of a chemical reaction
Takes the shape and volume of the container, can flow