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Holocaust Vocabulary

Mrs. Dziadulewicz - Catholic Social Teaching


Form of opposition to Nazi tactics
Document of Vatican II which sought to set right the relationship between Catholics and Jewish people
Typical color of the star worn by Jews.
Anti-semitic propaganda, Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Camp to contain, control, dehumanize and terrorize the Jewish population
___million Jews lives were taken by The Holocaust
(Greek) "holo" meaning whole + "kaustos" meaning burnt
Total number of those killed during the holocaust
Dispersion of Jews from their original homeland.
Forced evacuation of a concentration camp, under brutal and harsh conditions often leading to death
"Night of Broken Glass"
Messages designed in many different media
Living Districts set up to isolate Jews
Sudden attacks by non-Jews on Jews
American laws that inspired Hitler.
Jewish equivalent of Catholic Social Teaching
The separating of Jews into two groups - those who will work and those who will immediately die
Name many Jewish people prefer to use when referring to the Holocaust