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Amazing Latin Music

Jazz Saxophonist.
Also know as Tejano
Two short, stout pieces of wood that when struck together create a bright, high-pitched piercing sound.
Died in a plan crash together with Ritchie Valens.
Music featuring the accordion and banjo sexton.
Mambo King for the Latins.
Spanish word of Latin District.
A Cuban Orchestra
Brazilian musician behind composing many musical hits.
The second of the Latin dance crazes in the USA.
City where Ritchie Valens was born
A Cuban entertainer popular with audieces from 1940-1960.
City of Jelly Roll Morton
Dance arrived from Argentina.
Composer of the song La Paloma
Culture of North Africa beginning in the 8th century.
Mambo King for the White Audiences
A syncopated bass pattern characteristic of Afro-Cuan Music.
Music developed in Texas but based on Norteno concepts.
A slave practice in which they tapped out tricky rhythms on their body parts.
A famous tejano singer.
State where Tito Puento was born
Career lasted only eight months and ended when he perished in 1959.
A section of music with a repeated rhythmic and harmonic patterns.
The Queen of Salsa
His mambo orchestra popularized Latin music through the medium of television.
The division of a beat into three equal parts.
A song recorded in 1947.
A Jazz Pianist.
An americanized Cuban rumba.