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Susannes's Life During WWII

By Grant Aaserud
Susanne was evacuated out of what country in 1950?
Where did Susanne mostly live during WWII?
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor how many of Susanne's Uncles went to fight?
After being evacuated to go to Japan there were 950 woman and children and only 2 _____ on the ship.
America is very_____.
In Saigon you need to drive around with a ______.
When Susanne got back to NY after WWII, she saw the ______ of Liberty.
When Susanne was told to bring a blanket, once being evacuated she brought a_____ instead.
While Susanne evacuated on her bus, driving to the____ she had to jump out and hide in a ditch away from the Koreans.
At night, Susanne's family would sometimes have _______ just in case they got bombed.
During the WWII you couldn't drive far because of the _____.
There were no ____ in Susanne's "hotel" in Japan during the 1950's.
The police in Saigon were _______.
Susanne's father_____ all his files in Korea when he had to evacuate.