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English Vocab Puzzle

He was ____ at the score he got on his math test.
These types of words are not allowed in the classroom.
The professor was a ____ individual.
I ___ you that this is the right decision to make.
Synonym of bitter.
Do not make ____ comments or else fights may occur.
Something very large.
He who brings us much wisdom.
Her last name is Lin and she is beautiful.
"Very important and very ___" -Drake
I will try to ___ you of your pain.
Some people think they are ___.
I hate doing mundane tasks at school.
My mom's love for me will never turn ___.
I don't like ____ people.
If you don't have this while on a rope, you will fall.
Relating to the father.
Clouds are a ___ of rain.
Criminals can be ___ people.
Africa is a country with many ___ families.
This is the place where people turn into ashes.
In World History, we learned about this type of government.
Police check up on ____ to find information on a criminal.
Forcefully or passionately.
This child genius is ___.
The Jewish received small ___ of bread during the Holocaust.
Stephen Curry is a very ___ athlete.
Antonym of easy going.
It would be ___ to study well for your test tomorrow.
A hundred dollars may seem like a ___ amount to a millionaire.
The characters in Crazy Rich Asians lived a very ___ lifestyle.
I hate dictators that are ___.
It is ___ to study hard in order to get a good grade.
Do not upset him or else you will see his ___.
What a crowd does in a standing ovation.