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WW2 crossword puzzle

What is the German air force
German U-boats that hunted in groups and often attacked at night
Who was the leader of the fascist partly in Italy
What did a lot Japanese American was force into after Pearl Harbor
What was Adolf Hitler's worst mistake in World War 2
After Japan defeated the Philippines the America and Fiipinos were force to march with little water or food
Leader of the communist party in U.S.S.R
Allied invasion of north Africa
U.S. president right in 1944
How did the Germans attack France
What was Germany's warfare tactics in world war 2
What was Japan's worst mistake in World War 2
A Totalitarian leader in Germany and head of the Nazi party
What was the navel battle where two sides' ship did not see each other
what means limiting the amount of certain product each individual gets
What was the first black military aviators in the U.S. Army Air Corps (AAC)