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Earth Science chap 16

Crack along which there has been no slipping
Tallest mountain in California
Study of the origin of mountains
Mountains formed by extensive erosion
Volcanoes are this type of mountain
When it erupted, 2/3 of the island was destroyed
Height of a mountain above sea level
First European to climb Everest
There are __ major tectonic plates
Tallest mountain in the U.S.
3 dimensional map
Series of mountain peaks
Single super-continent
Folded mountain range
Small mesas
Mountain with highest actual height (2 words)
Number of body parts you want to touch the mountain at all times
Mountain range with fault-block mountains (2 words)
____ fault occurs when the fault rises in relation to the rock above it.
Most important equipment in mountaineering
One type of tectonic plate
Trough or downward fold of rock
Tallest mountain in the world
Broad, flat-topped hills
Arch of rock layers
Ridge of rock debris
Low, snaking ridge-like deposits from glaciers
Crack along which there has been slipping