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European Geography

Natural border between Europe and Asia
Where most Russians live
Origin of the three major religions of Europe
Germany's longest river
Land that is good for farming is called ___
Islamic practice
Major environmental issue in Germany
Made up of Spain and Portugal
A natural border between Spain and France
Europe's longest river
Separates the U.K. from the European mainland
Are hard to get to due to harsh Russian climate
Language origin of Romance languages
Along with England, Scotland and Wales, it makes up the U.K.
Main reason for U.K.'s environmental issue today
Major environmental issue in the U.K.
European Language family with the most native speakers - English is a part of the family
Russian belongs to this language family
City and country to the worst European nuclear disaster
Dominant religion of Europe today
Leading cause of acid rain in Germany
The "crossroads" for three continents
A major tourist attraction in Europe
Roughly the number of languages spoken in Europe
A major health issue resulting from radiation
More than half of Europe speaks this language