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Modern Education Crossword

What is often seen within classrooms and integrated within teaching methods in the modern era of education?
What percentage of public-school teachers are not covered under social security?
When deciding what curriculum will be taught, each state has to abide by the ______ given to them by the United States Department of Education.
Students went to school in brick and _____ buildings.
What is the full name of the class that consisted of sewing, cooking, learning how to balance a checkbook, etc. that schools decided to eliminate from their curriculum?
Who was president at the time of the formation of "A Nation At Risk" that pointed out the under performance of American schools?
What type of degree must you earn in order to become a teacher?
What is the nickname for instructional assistants that are integrated within classrooms now?
In terms of who attended schools in the 1980s-Now, what was not in effect?
Hard _____ composition tile is the flooring most often used in schools in the modern era.
On reason students attend school is to choose a _____.