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Rome and Christianity

Men who fought one another for public entertainment
First 4 books of the New Testament that teach the life and lessons of Jesus from 4 points of view.
Coming back to life
A cleansing ritual by plunging into water
Soldiers who fought for pay rather than for their country.
Traditional or established religious beliefs.
Languages that developed from Latin
The beliefs that God exists in 3 forms.
A channel that moves water over land.
Officially declared to be a god, and worshiped.
The art of giving speeches
Roman peace
A general rise in the cost of goods.
A culture that formed by mixing Greek and Roman elements.
The formal letter written after the "Gospel" that appear in New Testament.
Term for the various religious groups. Some have similar beliefs but disagree about some things.
A newer version of the Hebrew Bible used some forms of Christianity.
Issues of right and wrong, and how to treat people.
A heartfelt change in ones opinions or beliefs.
Works of literature that make fun of their subject.
The word that Greeks and Romans used for people who did not share their same beliefs. Thought to be savages and uncivilized.
A building material made by mixing small stones and sand with limestone, clay, and water.
A slow and painful Roman method of execution.
Stories with a moral
A design formed by small tiles of glass, stone, or pottery
People who give their lives for their beliefs.