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Rocks, Soil, and Minerals

Teacher: Lesa Davis
The richest kind of soil.
How something feels
These are usually found in sedimentary rocks and may have been there for thousands of years.
A chair or table can be made from this natural resource that was once alive.
The soil with the largest particles.
Some rocks form when they ______underground and then flow to the surface
The part of an animal that might form a fossil
The dead and decayed material sometimes found in soil.
How shiny something is
A test used to tell if one rock will scratch another rock
The layer of soil that has the most nutrients for plants to grow
This natural event carries away the most soil.
These rocks are formed by volcanoes.
These rocks have layers formed by sediments pressed together.
The hardest mineral
Water can make rocks very ________.
Some insects have been preserved in amber.