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Plant Expedition

Village Nurseries' Fun on the Bus Contest
March 27, 2019
Blue-green Dianella revoluta that forms dense clumps quickly
Positioning plants with similar water, sun, and soil needs together
Coprosma 'Pacific ________'
Natural environment of an animal
Thick, fleshy plants that retain water
New variegated Lomandra
Blue-green variety of Dianella from Sunset
Cover on ground to prevent evaporation
Powdery-mildew resistant Shrub Rose with Pure White Blooms
Shorter, more aromatic Bay Laurel with red stems
Plant category of Heuchera
Mahonia shrub without thorns
A colorful part of a flower
Genus of the Butterfly Bush
Linear red bottlebrush for Screening
Plant group that attracts bees and hummingbirds
Popular green Lomandra
Nandina variety without any red shades
Disease-free landscape rose varieties
Amount of sunlight received in a landscape
Maroon Muhlenbergia with larger, more showy plumes
Dwarf Jacaranda variety name
Using fire-resistant plants in landscape
Relatively cool compact Acacia
Large Neon Pink Bottlebrush shrub
Artificial application of water to assist growth of plants
Genus of 'King's Celebration'
Fragrant variegated Lavandula