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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Reading/Writing Review

Teacher: McGhee
What you should do after your essay to check for mistakes.
The last paragraph of an essay.
The beginning sentence of an introduction.
Text to text, text to self, text to world.
Reading is this!
The point the author makes about the topic.
An essay that describes.
The first sentence of every body paragraph.
A during-reading strategy where you ask yourself if you understand the text.
An action word
A word part that occurs at the beginning of a word.
A pre-reading strategy where you think about what will happen.
Creating mental pictures while reading.
A during reading strategy where you go back and read text if you don't understand it.
A person, place, or thing.
What you should do before you write an essay.
Background knowledge plus clues from the text.
The word part that contains the meaning.
A type of essay where you convince your reader your side is worth listening to.
The words in a sentence that help you figure out the meaning of an unknown word
A word that describes a noun.
The subject of the text
The last sentence of an introduction.
A word that describes a verb
There are this many stages in the reading process