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Writing the Constitution

"two-house" as in our Congress
Method by which legislature can undo an executive veto
___ Sovereignty, the idea that all political power comes from and rests with the people
Powers held only by state governments
City where Constitution was written
Powers held only by the central government
System that requires each branch to limit the other two
Those strongly in favor of the new Constitution
Father of the Constitution
The branch that enforces law
______ of powers, how states and the central governments share power
To officially accept, as in the Constitution
Offices which the chief executive supervises, such as Treasury, Defense, and Education
First ten amendments to the Constitution
Powers shared by the central and state governments
The branch that applies and interprets the law
____ of powers, splitting jobs of the government into 3 branches
The idea that the Constitution is the highest law of the land
House of ___ the lower house of the US Congress
One of the writers of the Federalists' Papers
The branch that makes law
The upper house of the US Congress
___ government, the idea that governments can only do what they are specifically allowed to do
Form of government where people elect representatives
Executive power to stop a legislative law