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George Washington Unit Words

Name ____________________________________
The name of Washington's plantation.
The tree that Washington supposedly chopped down. It is a myth.
The person who is thought to have made our first American flag.
A country in Europe that once was in charge of the American colonies.
The name of the conflict that freed the colonies from England.
The name of the men who make up an army.
The rank Washington had when he commanded the troops during the Revolutionary War.
Washington was the ________ President of the US.
Being free of another; The colonies fought England for their ___________
The name given to an area that is governed by a group.
The last name of the owner of Mount Vernon
The name of the river that Washington crossed with his troops to make a surprise attack on Trenton.
The soldiers who fought the colonists who wore red coats.
The colony in which Washington lived.
The first name of our first President