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Vocabulary Social Studies

Author: Grant Whitaker
Enslaved people in ancient Sparta
What early Greeks called themselves
A ruler who seizes authority and has absolute power
The first civilization to develop in the Aegean Sea region
A straight or narrow sea between two landmasses
A difficult time when trade and advancement declined ( 2 words)
A person who searches for wisdom or enlightenment
A government in which a small group has control
Foot soldiers arranged close together in rows
The system in a country that involves making, buying and selling goods
High-ranking government official in Sparta
A Greek city state
Someone who writes or performs epic poems or stories about heroes and their deeds
Members of a political community with rights and responsibilities
An open area used as a meeting and marketplace
A settlement in a new territory that has ties to a homeland
Governor of a Persian province, means "defender of the kingdom"
A hill top with a fort
A government ruled by the people
A piece of land nearly surrounded by water