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WWII Chronicles

Author: Caleb
The British and Who cut off oil shipment to Japan.
How many ships were sunk or damaged in Pearl Harbor attack
The Japanese attacked ____ on Jan. 15, 1942
The Wright Brothers taught ____to fly.
Who did the Japanese invade in February 1942?
What was the worldwide economic collapse in the 1930's
The year the war began
Who was aboard the Yorktown for its final battle?
Germany and ____ declared war on United States as well as Japan two days after attack on Pearl Harbor.
What is a large group of warships called?
At the end of WWI Japan became a major power in what country
The Japanese attacked____ on Jan. 23rd 1942
What is a military post or group of troops stationed at a particular location?
Japan was never able to conquer what country.
Japanese attacked ___on Jan. 31st, 1942
Who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor?
Who claimed that they constructed the strongest navel base in the world?
When did WWII end
What is the abbreviation for Prisoner of war?
Who said "no nation can appease the Nazis".
Who was shunned and excluded from other British WWII victory celebrations and commemorations?
What Japanese carrier was sank in 10 minutes in the battle of Coral Sea?
The Japanese found themselves desperate for what in 1941?
Who attacked Pearl Harbor
The Battle of ____ was fought from June 4th, 1942 to June 7th, 1942.
Greatest conflict of the 20th century