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Asia and Africa

To take possession of
Somewhat dry
Groups with camels-which were well suited to the difficult terrain and dry climate
Times when people starve because of lack of food
The dynasty that gained control of China in 221 B.C.
Religious journeys
Sea routes
Unfair treatment
A group of interacting organisms and their natural environment
The process called _______, means there is less fertile lands to grow food
Make room for
Night-based lifestyle
A journey of some length usually to other lands
Protection of the environment
Fine yellowish soil
Tropical grasslands
The exchange of goods without using money
Right behavior
A soul's _____, or actions during life determines the soul's form in the next life
Alliance with other countries
Dry grasslands
Land that is suitable for farming
A series of rulers from the same family
A government in which citizens make decisions either directly or indirectly through elected representatives
A group of states ruled by a single strong ruler
The basic systems that a society needs such as roads, bridges, and sewers
Continental landmass
Fees paid to another ruler or country for protection or as a token of submission
The control of one power over a dependent area of people
Able to read and write
Wear away
A region drained by a river system