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Chemical Bonds & Equations

Substance that are about to react (on the left side of arrow)
Compound composed of two elements
Atoms form compounds to become _____
Bond involving the attraction between opposite charges of ions
Reaction in which 1 element replaces another in a compound
Reaction where one substance breaks down into 2 or more simpler substances
Tells what elements a compound contains and # of atoms of each element
Photosynthesis is an example of this type of energy exchange
Bond involving shared electrons
Prevents or slows down a reaction
Wood burning is an example of this type of energy exchange/reaction
Force that holds together atoms in a substance
Speeds up a chemical reaction
Reaction where positive ion of one compound swaps with another positive ion of another compound
# of units of each substance
Represents oxidation # or how many electrons has been gained or lost
# of atoms of a particular element in a molecule
New substance produced (on the right side of arrow)
Reaction where 2 or more substances combine to form another substance
Substance made of 2 or more elements
Having many atoms