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New France

The Acadia's and the First Nations did not have the best encounterments. Around the 1750s, there was a competition from the fur trade and the increasing number of French _____ in the west made the British concerned about what the French would do in the east.
When the _________ arrived in the new world, they brought over new foods, farming tools, and even animals. This was a very good resource for the First Nations people.
The first Europeans to purchase furs from the _______ were French and English fishermen who, during the 1500s, fished off the coast of northeastern Canada and occasionally traded with the Indians.
The ____ jobs were to provide food for the family, hunted, farmed and provided money for the family. The women were maintaining the house, baking and sometimes helping the men with their farm.
When the ____________ tried to convert the indigenous people to Christians, it rejected the indigenous peoples white-American culture. This made it difficult to control the tribes by the United States.
The ______ played a very important role in the development of the colony. In addition to providing spiritual leadership it was influential in the government and in the education system.
The seigneur system was an _____________ form of land distribution, and established in New France in 1627 and officially abolished in 1854
Fishing and whaling continued to be a significant component of the _______ throughout the course of the French Economy , but the fur trade was the real economic driver of new France.
The ______ represented the Roman Catholic church and his duties were to teach the french people their religion.
Rural _____ participated on the farm and the other causal women worked as nuns and nurses. The men would work on the farms and participate in the fur trade.
The First Nations and the ______ people took awhile to get along. Then the french people realized that the Indigenous Nations relied on them for survival and fur trade wealth.
The Frenchman who were __________ became very close with the First Nations people because their trades involved very little conflict between them.
The church wanted to change the lifestyle of the ____________ people. They rejected so their culture, language, and land was under attack.
The ____ became more religious which was less effective and constantly challenged by powerful noblemen.
In 1607, 104 _______ men and boys arrived in North America to start a settlement. On May 13 they picked Jamestown, Virginia for their settlement.
The first organized French settlement in ______ was founded in 1604 on an island in Passamaquoddy Bay.
The captain of the _______ job was to protect his colony from the enemy attacks.
When the seigneurs gave the land to the habitats it wasn't a gift, the habitats were just renting it off the _________
The First Nations people traded their fur pelts and clothes for weapons like ____. This is how the fur trade started in the 1500s.
One of the main jobs in New France was hunting. Usually the males in the _____ would go hunting and the females would stay home, take care of the family cook and clean.