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April Showers Bring May Flowers

These flowers share a name with a common cooking spice and are typically seen in the color pink.
This flower is often held to one’s chin and and shares part of its name with a commonly used condiment.
Azalea are known as the ______ of the garden?
This flower is often an alternative to roses on Valentine’s Day.
These flowers bloom into a beautiful star shapes and their name can also be known as party decorations.
These flowers are often known as Floss Flowers.
This iconic flower is known to be the start of spring and is often known for its trumpet shape.
This flower is known for their white petals and yellow center and often blooms towards the end of the summer.
Which flowers are named after the Latin word for star?
Which flowers are the first bulb flowers to blossom in the spring and are known for being vibrant yellow?
Bergenia flowers are also commonly known as ________.
Cleome flowers are also commonly known as _____.
These flowers grow in the darkest part of the garden and often bloom in the late summer.
These flowers are often found in tea and herbs and can also be made into candy.
Basket of Gold is often seen in which color?