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Renaissance Art

Donatello's "David" was a symbol of ________ over larger opponents
Type of Renaissance between 1495 and 1527
Discovered by Brunelleschi to accurately show 3-dimensions
Donatello used ______ to create his "David"
The Renaissance Man
Who painted the "Birth of Venus"?
Technique used to create feeling of body pointing toward viewer
Declared the greatest sculptor in Italy at age 29
What does Fra mean?
Raphael balanced _______ and Renaissance Christianity in "The School of Athens"
Extreme contrast of dark and light values
1st freestanding, full-sized, standing nude since classical Rome
Raphael's first teacher
What kind of painting was "Tribute Money"?
Light haze obscuring background in Leonardo's "Mona Lisa"
Designed dome of Florence cathedral
San ______ was Medici patron saint
Won the competition to design baptistery doors
Birthplace of Renaissance
New Athens
Taught Michelangelo fresco painting
Round painting
Master painter of Venice in last part of 15th century
Medium of Michelangelo's' "Pieta"
Primary center of Renaissance