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Storm Clouds over the Nation

Name:  ____________________________
The new party that opposed slavery
What man led troops to capture John Brown?
The worst experience for the slaves happened on what passage?
What word means the freeing of the slaves?
Senator who proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act
State farthest north to secede from the Union
Most slaves preferred what?
Party that split and disintegrated in the 1850s.
This word means separation.
The Supreme Court ruled that Dred Scott was not what?
The length of what was a large advantage for the South?
Harriet Tubman became known as what?
This word means the act of leaving the Union.
Immigrants chose to settle and live in northern cities because of these jobs.
State farthest west to secede from the Union
Southerners based what views on the contract theory of government.
What word means "before the war"?
New state formed due to a disagreement over slavery
Commander of Fort Sumter
Winner of the 1856 presidential election
The North's biggest advantage at the beginning of the war.
A well-known abolition preacher
Former slave who was a prominent black preacher
How many Southern states voted for Abraham Lincoln?
Southerners called Northerners what kind of slave?
Leading black abolitionist
The Underground Railroad gave aid to whom?
First president of the Confederate States of America.
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Supreme Court Chief Justice during the Dred Scott case.