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Psychological Disorders

The abbreviation for the 4 characteristics of abnormal behavior
Abbreviation for a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes diffculty with your attention span and focus
Preoccupation with the idea your body has or might get a serious disease characterized by physiological arousal, bodily focus and behaviors designed to avoid or check for physical illness.
Disorder where a person eats excessively, then feels an intense amount of guilt and remorse for their overindulgence
A lack of _____________ is considered one known cause of Schizophrenia.
An anxiety disorder characterized by repetitive thoughts or repetitive behaviors compulsions.
According to the Dopamine Hypothesis, overactivity of dopamine in the brain may contribute to this disorder.
Characterized by panic, worry, fear, apprehension, intrusive thoughts that occur for at several weeks with know discernible cause. This disorder seems to have an automatic quality that can occur with daily pressures or personal crisis.
This country leads the world in terms of the prevalence of psychological disorders.
A category of disorders where the body has physical symptoms that seem to suggest a psychological disorder, yet have no physical causes or evidence.
This person (last name) conducted an experiment into the issues of "labeling" the mentally ill; his pseudo-patients claimed to hear voices that said, "empty," "thud," and "hollow" but otherwise behaved normally.
Dissociative _______ Disorder used to be known by the phrase "multiple personality disorder"
Shortness of breath, dizziness, shaking, sweating, numbness or tingling, these symptoms are often confused with a heart attack.
Symptoms of Schizophrenia that include inappropriate behaviors, demonstrating excessive or distorted functioning (i.e., delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech).
A disorder that is often triggered by experiencing panic attacks
This disorder is mostly connected with veterans, but also effects victims of traumatic experiences, such as rape or domestic abuse.
Considered a Somatic type of disorder, this disorder is characterized by paralysis, blindness, deafness, or other loss of control; with no discernible physical cause .
Category of disorders characterized by breaks in consciousness that can cause losses of memory or identity
People who share similar _________ increase their lifetime risk of developing Schizophrenia
The most common disorder diagnosed in the USA. One of the mood disorders
Symptoms of Schizophrenia that include a reduction in or absence of normal functions (i.e., flat affect, reduced emotional expressiveness or speech).
______ nervosa is an eating disorder marked by a warped self image leading to self-starvation
A false belief.
Howie Mandel, a TV personality, has a phobia called "mysophobia." He will not shake hands with his fans, but rather uses a 'fist bump' to lessen his exposure to these.
A neurodevelopmental disorder known for issues communicating and social functioning; often diagnosed in people as young as 2 yrs old
Abbreviation for the manual used to diagnose Mental Disorders ; Currently on the 5th edition