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Talk to the Math

Author: J Stephens
Any real number "b" and any integer. (n>1)
using mathematics to describe and analyze a real world situation
A mathematical statement where two expressions are equivalent.
when the domain and range switch places
if x^2 =y, then x is the square root of y
A phrase that represents a value.
the set of all the y-terms in a relation
the line that most closely fits a scatter plot of data
a group of equations
A set of ordered pairs.
the x-term in an ordered pair
the input variable aka the domain
"m" the ratio of the change in y over the change in x
the y-term in an ordered pair
an equation in which the coefficients and constants have been replaced by letters
the output variable aka the range
describes the goodness of fit of an equation to a set of data
the set of all the x-terms in a relation
A point that divides a segment into 2 congruent segments
A special type of relation where the x-term is paired with exactly one y-term