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Science vocabulary

Trapping of heat near Earth's surface by certain gases in the atmosphere
A close relationship between two species that benefits at least one of the species
An energy rich substance formed from the remains of organisms
Number of different species in an area
Typical weather pattern in an area over a period of time
Study of the natural processes that occur in the environment
Species that influence the survival of many others in an ecosystem
Environment that provides the things an organism needs to grow, live, and reproduce
Behavior or physical characteristics that allows an organism to live successfully in its environment
Anything in the environment that is used by people
Capable of being broken down by bacteria and other decomposers
Theory that increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will raise Earth's temperature
Species in danger of becoming extinct
Study of how living things interact with eachother and their environment
Process of cutting down all the trees in an area
Advance of desert like conditions into areas that previously fertile
Environmental factor that causes a population to decrease
Process of restoring land to a more natural state
Disappearance of all members of a species from Earth
Practice of raising fish and other water dwelling organisms for food