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T cell Time!

IL-2 cytokine response system type
BEST T cell activator (cell)
T cell that expresses both CD4/CD8
Positive Selection = ?
T cells that cannot bind antigen-MHC complexes or react with self-antigens commit _________
T cell binds to this to be activated along with second co-stimulatory signal
No Notch
Non-responsiveness & inability to proliferate due to missing co-stimulation (depressed cell)
Number of stages of DN T cells
Recognizes phosphorylated ITAM domains/recognizes phosphorylated adaptor molecules that recruit components of several signaling pathways
Negative selection = _______ tolerance
Induction of apoptosis in cells with too strong anti-self signaling
Notch ligand (not Jagger but)
Facilitated release by Bcl-2 proteins from the mitochondria
T cell type activated by an APC (+ macrophages & B cells)
Transcription factor that induces expression of many tissue-specific proteins in thymic epithelial cells
BEST Immunology Teacher
Cell transition stage from DN to DP
Viral or bacterial toxin that forces binding of TCRs to MHC complexes regardless of TCR/antigen affinity
What cytochrome C binds to during apoptosis of negative selection T cells
Cell activation type via TH2 cells
__________ Hypothesis involving T cell activation
Mature T cell
Apaf-1 oligomers bind with procaspase-9 to initiate _________
PLCγ ________ PIP2 into secondary messengers DAG & IP3
_____ cells of thymus express notch ligands
TCRαβ-first chain to rearrange
Mature in the
Activated T cell differentiation form
Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor
IL-7 signal prominent in _________ commitment of T cell development
Early thymocytes
CD4/CD8 helps _______ ITAM domain during the initiation of signal transduction of T cell activation
General adhesion protein that pulls cells together creating a cluster in an immune synapse during T cell activation
IL-4 induced TH2 subsets (TH cell differentiation)
Two Signal Hypothesis activation signaling result
Most distantly related Developmental T Potential
Most important signal to tell a cell to become a T cell in Thymocyte development
Some T cells become this during differentiation
Activated T cells brought closer to death to reduce peripheral T cell population
Cleavage of this initiates cell killing reactions
(expressed) Pre-Tα chain + CD3 = ?
Cells that first enter the thymus/express high levels of c-kit (stage)
General adhesion protein that pulls cells together creating a cluster in an immune synapse during T cell activation
GDP-bound state in Ras/MAPK Pathway
"______" is a unique rearrangement of TCR/BCR genes that come from the same progenitor cell
Rearrangement stage of TCR γ,δ,β/starts expressing CD25
Check point stage