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Colonial Africa: 1750 - 1950

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Which country sent many missionaries to Africa?
The slave trade did what after the settlement of the Americas?
What navy helped end the slave trade in West Africa?
Who was the president of Liberia?
Conquest of one or more nations by another nation
Samori Ture's empire in West Africa was attacked by who?
Menelik was the king of what African country?
What is the word for the system of transportation and communication?
What confederation in Africa was led by native pastors and teachers?
Who condemned everything African?
What explorer set before Europe the need for missions in Africa?
A gathering-based economy grew after what ended in West Africa?
What was the rapid-fire gun used by the Europeans?
What king controlled the International African Association?
Who was the first African bishop of the Anglican Church?
What happened to many slaves onboard slave ships?
The British expanded their African exploration following the loss of what colonies?
One of two countries who were able to avoid being colonized
What African general used modern weapons to defend the Wassoulou Empire?
European powers met where and carved up the continent of Africa?
"The Smoke that Thunders" was later renamed what?
What missionary preached in South Africa for fifty-three years?
Dominance and power asserted by one nation over less powerful nations
What trade began sometime before 1600?
What reporter found David Livingstone in Africa?
Crowther received a degree from what university?
What African country was first invaded by France?
Crowther translated the Bible into what language?
Ethiopia developed a modern what to defend against European invasion?
What explorer searched for the source of the Nile River?