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The Outer Planets

Teacher: Diane Page
The darker rings of Uranus stand ____
This moon of Jupiter is thought to have an ocean
The orbit of Neptune's largest moon, Triton, is clockwise or ____.
Slight temperature and chemical changes in belts and zones give Jupiter a ___ or banded appearance
(two words) The four largest moons of Jupiter are nicknamed these, after the man who discovered them in 1610
Nicknamed the "Blue Planet"
On Jupiter, these are dark areas of sinking gases
This is one of Saturn's largest moons
This massive planet is the 5th one from the Sun
This gas in the atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune reflects blue light back into space
(two words) Pluto has now been classified as one of these planets
This planet is known for its seven major rings and its thousands of smaller ringlets
On Jupiter, these are light-colored, rising areas of gases
This planets has an irregular orbit
Largest moon of Neptune
This moon of Jupiter is said to have volcanoes