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Module 11 (WWII)

Chapters 15 Review
Protect allied shipping
Post WWII organization
Britain and U.S. started war goals
Governed Japan after their surrender.
Take enemy by surprise
Soviet and German agreement
Helped control inflation (letters)
Limited foods and other goods
Italian Fascist leader
Give into demands
Plan to divide Germany
Murder of European Jews and other people
Battle to liberate Paris
Final conference of WWII
No arms to countries at war
Organization to fight discrimination (letters)
Where the post WWII trials took place.
Confinement of citizens during war time
Atomic research
Attack on Jewish homes and businesses
Japan's first attack in the Pacific
Program to help S.W. agriculture
Help countries important to U.S. defense
Gov't agencies decided which companies would make war materials (letters)
Women in non-combat (letters)
Turning point in the Pacific for the allies