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TN Ready Review Vocabulary Quiz

A change
An introduction to a book
Sandra sings very poorly but sings anyway
Take sides. form opinions
Using different words to achieve a greater clarity of words
Using prior knowledge and what the author gives to provide an answer
The act of pronouncing words clearly
Gets the readers attention
The adjustment of the pitch in voice
Things a speaker would use when giving a speech
The figurative meaning of the word
Information at the top of the screen
Used for research, whether primary or secondary
Used to represent ideas or qualities of an object or idea
Information at the bottom of the screen
A person who is kind to someone or something
Sentence formation that can effect the mood or tone
The people or person that would be interested in reading or listening to a written work or presentation
A person who is hostile to some one or something
objects are places in a contrasting way
Action verbs that end in "ing"
The only way to identify this type of poem is if it is written in stanzas
A form of language that is specific to a region or social group
Synonym for definition
Must be similar to a topic sentence
your statement of fact
An expression that calls something to mind without saying it explicitly
The speed in which a person reads a poem or written work
The study of the origin of words
When a verb functions as a noun