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ACT Math Prep Terms


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Relationship between two values
To multiply a number by itself
Drawing a figure outside of another so boundaries touch but not intersect
Equal to, is, the same as
Times, product, each, per, of
What, unknown, a number
R = 1/2d length of line segment from circle's center to perimeter
Divided into, split between, divvied up
Measurement of the space inside a shape
Mathematics relating to measurement, properties, & relationships of lines, point, angles, curves, surfaces, & shapes
An object's numerical worth
T or F? You may use a colon or a fraction to write a ratio
A problem with more than one equation follows the ... of equations
C = 2 Pi R measurement of the distance around a circle
Minus, without, less, difference, change
Together, and, combined, both
Drawing a figure within another so boundaries touch but not intersect
D = 2r Straight line segment passing thru center of a circle w/endpoints lying on the circle
ACT = American ... Testing Program