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Forensic Science 1 Review

Physician who oversees the death scene and performs autopsies.
Tests blood for hemoglobin, but does not distinguish between vertebrates.
Type of impression or print that transfers a liquid onto a smooth surface.
Indirect evidence that can be used to imply a fact but does not prove it.
Time between time of death until discovery of body.
Accurately portrays physical facts of the location of a crime. A permanent record.
Type of evidence when materials are transferred from one person/object to another.
Interpretation of insect evidence used in civil or criminal investigations.
Blood tying system in the USA.
When blood is flung or dropped on a flat surface.
Impression or print that is not visible to the naked eye.
Proper _____ must be presented with evidence if it is to be admissible in a court of law.
System/database that collects, analyzes & communicates criminal DNA information between law enforcement agencies.
Evidence that reduces the number of suspects to a specific smaller group of individuals.
Force of attraction between two unlike substances.
The way our brain interprets stimuli from our surroundings.
Describes specific changes in the body that brought about cessation of life.
Evidence that may make the group of suspects very small, even a single individual.
The presentation of scientific evidence in public.
Process using genetic material, introduced in the 1980's that allows law enforcement to link perpetrators with crime scenes.
Medical examination to determine cause and manner of death.
The most important job of a forensic investigator is to _____, interpret and report information clearly.
Type of evidence that includes first hand observations, eyewitness accounts (i.e. confessions, dashboard cams etc.)
Impression or print made in a soft material (i.e. wax, clay etc. )
Clumping of RBCs together. This happens with wrong blood type transfusion.
Evidence that has unique combination of characteristics that it could only belong to one person or thing (i.e. fingerprint or DNA)
Process used to amplify samples of DNA evidence, so there is adequate evidence to analyze.
Small segments of DNA used for comparison. More easily recovered from degraded or limited regions of DNA.
When a person or object comes into contact with another person/object, a cross-transfer of physical evidence occurs.
Cell self digestion.
Database maintained by FBI that contains fingerprints and mugshots of criminals and terrorists.
Stiffening of body after death.
An expression of thermal units. The # of hours at an adjusted average temperature, it takes an insect species to reach a particular stage of development.
Evidence that narrows an identity to a group of persons or things. (i.e. Blood type)
Like molecules stick together.
The reason someone dies.