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French Revolution and Napoleon

Rising costs of this was a factor leading to the French Revolution
Napolean's title in the Consulate
Weapons and some prisoners were taken from this medieval fortress
Shutting of ports to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
Country where Napolean was defeated trying to break trade routes between Britain and India
Battle of _____; Napolean's victory in Austria
Napolean's final defeat
French middle class; part of third estate
Document written to protect natural rights of citizens
Where Horatio Nelson defeated Napolean
What french civilians called each other as a symbol of equality
One of the countries Napoleon annexed in France
Royal palace in Paris
Daughter of Maria Theresa
Country that used a scorched earth tactic to defeat Napolean
Second estate
Group of representatives made of members from each of the three estates
Nicknamed "the incorruptible"
Duke of ____; British leader at Battle of Waterloo
Group of diplomats that met to establish lasting peace
Napolean's attempt to close Eurorean ports to British goods
Napoleonic ____; contained Enlightenment principals such as equality of all citizens, religious toleration, and advancement based on merit
Principal restoring hereditary monarchies unseated during the French Revolution
First estate
Spanish for 'little war'
To step down from power
Country that invaded France to reinstate the monarchy
Self-proclaimed Emperor of France
Person who leaves his or her country for political reasons