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Religion and Science

Indian faith fathered by Siddhartha Gautama
Were Jews sought a homeland in Palestine
Dome-shaped building meant for Christianity, but later became a mosque
Founder of Islam
Stopped Catholicism in England for divorce
Belief in God without divine intervention
Mexican symbol of Catholicism
First monotheistic religion
Jewish founder of Christianity
Father of evolution
Used a telescope to see space
Native Japanese religion
Jewish monotheistic God
Developed theories of relativity
Indian religion to give the subcontinent a social order
Birthplace of Islam
Hindu social hierarchy
Muslim migration that must take place at least once in a lifetime
Split Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox
Mass genocide towards Jews
Eliminated non-Catholics from Spain
Holy Wars of Christian conversion
Father of psychiatry and the unconscious mind
Developed laws of gravity
Catholic authority of Rome
Chinese religion focused on harmony and balance
Started Jesuit order