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Darwin's Theory of Evolution (Ch 16)

Class: ___________ Date: ________
Charles Darwin went on a five year voyage aboard the _____.
Structures that are shared by related species and that have been inherited from a common ancestor are called _____ structures.
Similar patterns of ______ development provide further evidence that organisms have descended from a common ancestor.
Lamarck suggested that individual could pass _____ traits on to their offspring.
Members of a population must _____ to obtain food, living space, and other limited necessities of life.
The french naturalist _______ suggested that organisms could change during their lifetimes by selectively using or not using various parts of their bodies.
In ______ selection, nature provides the variation, and humans select those they find useful.
_____ holds that the geological processes we see in action today must be the same ones that shaped Earth millions of years ago.
_____ describes how well an organism can survive and reproduce in its environment.
The process of change over time is called ______.
_____ genes help determine the head to tail axis in embryonic development and in vertebrates direct the growth of front and hind limbs.
Variation within a species increases the likelihood the species will survive environmental _____.
______ dating indicates the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old.
Darwin noticed that different yet related animal species often occupied different ____ within a local area.
The preserved remains or traces of ancient organisms.
A/An _____ structure is a structure that is inherited from ancestors but has lost much or all of its original function.
According to the principle of common descent, all species living and extinct are descended from ancient common ______.
The difference between individual in a species is called ______.
______ selection is the process by which organisms with variations most suited to their local environment survive and leave more offspring.
The Grants have documented that natural selection takes place in wild _____ populations frequently and sometimes rapidly.
Darwin described the competition for limited resources as the struggle for _____.
______ means that organisms produce more offspring than can survive.
An inherited characteristic that increases an organism's ability to survive and reproduce in its environment is called a/an ______.
Darwin proposed that natural selection had shaped the ____ of different bird populations as they became adapted to eat different foods.
During his travels, Darwin studied species on the _____ Islands.
_____ is the study of where organisms live now and where they and their ancestors lived in the past.
Body parts that share a common function, but not structure are called ____ structures.
Darwin published his theory on evolution in the book: On the Origin of ______.
Economist Thomas _____ reasoned that if human population grew unchecked, there wouldn't be enough living space and food for everyone.
Among ______ in the Galapagos Islands, shell shaped corresponds to different habitats.
At the molecular level, the universal ____ code and homologous molecules provide evidence of common descent.