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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Name: ______________
Period: ______
The color of light that reaches farthest down into the ocean's depths.
The ____ the wavelength, the less energy that wave can carry.
A ___ wavelength has a higher frequency.
The group of wavelengths between microwaves and visible light
Another word for a beam of light.
Make an image appear bigger.
These waves are responsible for giving people skin cancer.
A light ray crosses across a boundary to pass through a new substance.
A very abundant greenhouse gas.
These type of waves have the longest wavelength of all - ranging from the length of a football to the length of the planet!
A greenhouse gas emitted by plastics breaking down and byagricultural processes
A light source that does not radiate thermal energy.
The smallest unit of light.
______ expansion.
The highest-energy wavelength form
What happens when light rays bounce off a mirror.
______ ice caps are melting, and we're all in trouble.
A dark surface might _____ more light energy.