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Science April 2019

What you can see; observable traits or physical features (brown hair, green eyes)
The passing of genetic material from parents to offspring
Different versions of a gene (Blue, Brown, Red)
All possible outcomes; a graphic used to predict the possible genotypes of offspring in a given genetic cross
Strongest contributor - allele contributes to the phenotype if one or two copies are present in the genotype
Each allele in a hetero (Hh or bB) individual influences the phenotype (blue + yellow = green); Blends the two
1 trait is completely dominant over the other Bb
Same, whether recessive or dominant; BB or bb
Both of the alleles in a heterozygous individual contribute to the phenotype: a cow with white and brown hairs/ spots (co means to share)
Probability can be expressed in the form of a ration - an expression that compares quantities
Combination of alleles that you inherit from your parents Bb, BB, bb...
A ration that compares a number to 100 - states the number of times an outcome might occur out of 100 times
A genetic disorder caused by or linked to the genes located in the sex chromosome
Lesser; Less influential; Allele contributes ONLY when 2 copies of it are present
Eye color, hair color, height...
Biological relationships between an organism and its ancestors as depicted in a diagram
A feature that has different forms in a population
Different - An organism that has one dominant and one recessive allele Bb or RB
The mathematical chance of a specific outcome in relations to the total number of possible outcomes
Gives - person or organism that has inherited a recessive allele for a genetic trait or mutation but usually doesn't display that trait or show symptoms of the disease
Codes for a trait ; segments of found in chromosomes that give instructions for producing a certain characteristic; INSTRUCTIONS; UNITS OF INHERITANCE