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Teacher: Corpening
Determines the grain of a rock. Slow cooling rocks have large crystals (coarse grain), fast cooling rocks have small crystals (fine grain).
A dark, dense, igneous rock with a fine texture, found in oceanic crust
rocks where layering does not occur - the mineral grains grow and rearrange but they don't form layers. EX: sandstone, marble
a type of ingneous rock that generally contains large crystals and forms when magma cools slowly beneath Earth's surface.
Particles glued together as mineral solutions harden
Minerals that make up most of the rock's crust. 20 minerals make up the earth's crust.
A usually light colored igneous rock that is found in continental crust
A sedimentary rock that forms when rock fragments are squeezed together
Processes by which rock, sand, and soil are broken down and carried away (i.e. weathering, glaciation)
metamorphic rocks with crystals arranged in parallel layers or bands
Particles squeezed together under great pressure
A type of rock that forms from an existing rock that is changed by heat, pressure, or chemical reactions.
A type of rock that forms from the cooling of molten rock at or below the surface
A type of rock that forms when particles from other rocks or the remains of plants and animals are pressed and cemented together
particles that gather overtime to form rocks
Sedimentary rock that forms when minerals crystallize from s sollution
Igneous rock that forms from lava on Earth's surface
Particles deposited as loosely packed sediment
The particles of minerals or other rocks that give a rock its texture