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WWII Crossword

Area in China, rich with iron and coal that Japan invaded
German dictator; leader of WWII
Theory of linking dreams to reality
Building that was supposedly burnt by communists
Germany's weak, temporary, democratic government post WWI
Unfair treaty that ended WWI
Giving into an aggressor to keep peace
Loose beat music that captured freedom of 1920's
Peaceful march led by Gandhi in reaction to salt tax
The father of modern psychology
Pact between between Hitler and Stalin that Hitler, later, broke
Laws taking away citizenship from Jews
Form of government with extreme nationalism and discriminatory beliefs
Hitler's followers/soldiers
A belief that there is no universal meaning of life
Hatred towards Jews
Italian politician who founded Indian fascist party
The economic slump that affected the whole world in the 1920's
The book that Hitler wrote while in jail
Biased advertisements used to convince the public of certain information