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Crafty Clues Concerning Company Culture

An ______ is the invasion of an organism's body tissues by disease-causing agents.
The ______ class of drugs is used to reduce pain.
The 2nd "A" in PASSIONATE stands for ________ behavior.
_______ to make a difference
______ are facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.
_______ are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infections.
_______ attention to detail.
Responsive, ______ Communication
_______ is the careful responsible management of antibiotics.
To improve treatment ______ through clinical and analytical solutions.
__________ commitment to customer service.
____ is an opioid that commonly used to lace street drugs.
________ acheived an overall protocol compliance rate of 98% in the first six months of use.
Most pediatricians do not order the 3 leading causes of _______ on their infectious disease test orders.
HealthTrackRx laboratorians are committed to maintaining and _________ participating in the growth and preservation of our culture.
HealthTrackRx laboratorians pledge to uphold the _____ and show respect for the company vision and company leaders.
To be an ______ in value-based clinical and laboratory solutions that reduce patient risk, improve outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.
A clinical solutions company that helps medical professionals with appropriate medication prescribing protocols and monitoring.
_____ percent of medical decisions depend on laboratory tests.
HealthTrackRx laboratorians pledge to conduct ourselves and hold each other accountable to the highest standards of ethical and ________ conduct.
_____ above all.
GuideMed is increasing _______ in previously high-ris groups that were prone to abuse other drugs.
________ focus on continuous improvement.
HealthTrackRx laboratorians are committed to creating an environment of trust, _______, and servant leadership.
The _____ plays a significant role in patient monitoring through high-quality testing.