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Music for viola where the line in the middle of the staff is middle C
Full name of the Cello
Famous jazz double base player
The last and thickest string made of metal wire
The first three strings made of gut, nylon, or steel, and wound with metal wire
Supports the strings and carries vibrations to the hollow body of the violin
Larger than the violin and 10 centimeters longer, lowest string tuned to C below middle C
Smallest of the stringed instruments in an orchestra, lowest string tuned to G below middle C
Length of a full -sized violin
Attached to the metal screw at the bottom of the bow and tightens or loosens the bowhair
Hairs from a horses tail attached to the tip of the bow
Swirly holes on the front of the violin where sound goes in and out
Knobs at the top of the violin used to tune the strings
Wrote beautiful music for the cello
Leave your stringed instrument in very hot or cold places
Holds the strings in place at the lower part of the violin
The end of the bow to which the bowhair is attached
Wrote interesting parts for the viola
Helps to hold the violin between your shoulder and chest
Largest stringed instrument in the orchestra, 115 centimeters long, lowest string tuned to E three octaves below middle C
The black ebony wood under the strings
Dials on the tailpiece that help tune the strings
Keeps the tailpiece in place
Once used to hang the violin but is now a decorative feature
Music for the cello where the second highest line on the staff is middle C
Also called violoncello, 75 centimeters long, lowest string tuned to C two octaves below middle C