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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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A string instrument with a fret board. It can be electric or acoustic.
The notes of a chord played in succession.
Used when writing music. Each one has the same number of beats in it.
Another word used to describe an octave.
To play loud and strong.
A sequence of musical notes, the main part of a song.
A woodwind instrument, that Squidward plays.
A Latin word that means to play extremely loud.
A musical or rhythmic beat.
A woodwind instrument with a double-reed mouthpiece.
A brass wind instrument, often used in jazz music.
A clef used in music, most instruments that play the melody read in this clef. The pianist usually plays this clef in his or her right hand.
A single sound in a song, it can represent any letter from A-G.
An ensemble of three people playing together.
A piece played together by only two people.
A religious song of worship and praise.
A wind instrument that people hold sideways to their mouths to play.
A large circular percussion instrument that is hit with one mallet. The instrument makes a loud brass sound.
An instrument that has white and black keys.
A brass instrument that one uses a slide in order to play different notes.
A set of instruments that keeps the beat of the song.
The speed at which a song plays.
When someone plays or sings a song alone.
Chords that are played in thirds, often having brighter and happier sounds.