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Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Long Haul

Author: Collin Hinkley
He was sad the pig left
Greg's little brother
When the car broke down they went to a _______ park.
________ rolls exploded all over Rodrick in the car.
What kind of trip did they take?
They led a funeral to a _____ cemetery
Manny led them to a _____zoo.
They won this pet
Overnight they slept here.
First name of the author
Name of the author's website
The special guest along for the trip was ______ Stanley
This animal came inside their van.
The mean family they kept running into during the trip.
They lost this at the park
Who planned the trip?
This is who they went to visit last year.
Greg's older brother
Their parents were trying to ____ out to explain their problem to the Spanish tourists
Greg's favorite book is _______ Bandits.
Who suggested going to a water park?
Manny tried to do this.
Greg's last name
They gave this to the Spanish people to thank them.
Last year they were supposed to go here for vacation.
Greg found the key in this
They ______ a families keys.