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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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6th Grade Prefixes: hydro-, multi-, pro-, hyper-

Directions: Complete the crossword puzzle by answering the clues and filling in each box with a letter from the answer.
A light, fast boat built to skim or "fly" over the surface of the water
A figure of speech where exaggeration is used for effect
Moving towards a goal
Growing plants in a nutrient rich liquid instead of soil
An abnormal fear of water; rabies
To move forward or onward
Unusually or overly sensitive
Consisting of many cells
Having many sides
Highly or excessively active
Great variety; diverse
Energy created from/by water
To declare openly
One of a set of blades on the hull of a boat so it is lifted clear of the water
An instrument used to measure the gravity of liquids
Too ready to find fault
To move forward; in favor of
Very good at doing something
Using many forms of media such as video, music, lighting, etc. for education or entertainment
To be made up of many colors
A group of people, vehicles or objects moving in a line
To obtain
More than one thing; many