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Science Safety Your Way

Teacher: Ms. Colwell
When working in the lab you should always follow the ________ of the experiment.
Something you should never have while working in the lab.
When working with _____ the term AAA is used to describe procedure.
When using harmful or messy materials you should wear a ________.
When smelling chemicals or any substance in the lab you should _____ the smell.
While using this tool you use the term PASS and is often located near an exit.
When working with harmful materials you should always work with ______ to protect your hands.
You use this tool when handling hot test tubes after being heated up on hotplate.
Before leaving the lab you must always _____ up your station first.
When in the science lab you should always roll up your ______.
A cover used to protect harmful vapors from reaching you.
When working with a _______ you should turn it off and unplug it before returning to your seat.
In an event that someone has gotten something harmful in their eye you should help them to the _____________.
This item is used to cover and put out a fire.
You should never ____ chemicals together without permission from you science teacher.
When finished with a lab u should ________ the lab materials to where they belong.