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The Nature of Science

Useful for comparing information collected by counting.
Mass per unit volume of a material.
An organized set of investigation procedures used by scientists.
Organized procedure for testing hypothesis.
Standard for comparison.
Factor that is adjusted by the experimenter (x-axis).
Amount of matter in an object.
Used to show how a fixed quantity is broken down into parts.
Distance between two points.
Educated guess or testable prediction.
Factor whose value depends on the independent variable (y-axis).
Explanation based on experiments- most logical explanation. Ex. Black Hole Theory
Process that uses observation and investigation to gain knowledge about events in nature.
Factor that doesn't vary in experiment.
Rule of nature that sums up related observations to describe a pattern in nature. Ex. Law of Gravity
Interval between two occurring events.
The amount of space occupied by an object.
Show trends or how the data changes over time.
A visual display of information or data.