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Introduction to Life Science

Research in which data is numerical.
Uses beams of electrons, rather than light to form image
Individual living thing.
Allows light to pass through specimen and uses two lenses to form an image.
Community and its nonliving environment.
Part of earth that contains all ecosystems.
Decimal system of units based on a scale in multiples of ten.
Smallest functional unit of life.
Things that have all the characteristics of life; made of one or more cells.
Devices that produce magnified images of structures that are too small to be seen with the naked eye.
Group of atoms; smallest unit of compounds.
Populations that live in defined areas.
Logical interpretation based on prior knowledge, experiences and/or collected data.
Research based on observations and data is descriptive.
Information gathered from observations.
Tissues, organs, and organ systems.
The study of life; also known as life science.
Group of organisms of one type that live in the same area.
Process of gathering information about events or processes in an orderly way.