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Psych Testing & Measurement Final Review

Type of psychology that is concerned with everyday types of issues.
X = T + E where T is??
Type of assessment that would look at reading, writing and arithmetic.
Direct, reciprocal communication where one asks questions
The main source for diagnosing specific mental disorders.
Psychoeducational tests measure both _____ & achievement.
How consistent a test measures what it says its gonna measure
A range or band of test scores that is likely to contain a true score.
Intelligence type that includes application of general knowledge.
IQ type where MA/CA x 100
Region of brain responsible for visual reception.
This scaling has property of magnitude and equal intervals but no absolute zero.
This is one of the BIG two types of Intelligence tests.
The process of selection based on an evaluation of certain minimal criteria.
Refers to a defecit in writing ability.
This acronym is used to help the assessor recall sources of cultural influences.
Qualitative rather than quanatative type scales
Type of functioning that occurred prior to the development of a disorder.
Unique way people interpret and make sense of their perceptions.
This test predicts college preformance.
This is the beginning of all assessment and will drive types of evaluations that should be given.
An example of the use of a completion format on a test
Type of effect where the average IQ has risen over each decade.
Describing the shape of a normal curve
Statisical average
Type of thinking that refers to a deductive reasoning process.
How well a test measures what it says it measures
The Strong Interest Inventory is a type of _____ assessment.
Theory of intelligence that includes one's ability in coordination, music appreciation and storm watching.
This is a type of projective measure where you have to tell story based on a picture you see on a card.
No Child Left Behind is an example of federal _______ that was required of the educational system.
Personality traits are more ______ over time than personality states.
The most frequently occurring score
This type of scales allows you to rank individuals or objects but no meaning of the differences between the ranks.