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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Music History

In Opera, a solo song that is used to describe one specific emotion or character in the story.
Child genius
Composed Hallelujah Chorus
The first true American art form
Composer who used a record player to capture melodies that he wanted to use in his compositions.
Considered to be the composer who was the bridge between the Classical and Romantic Periods
Elf King
"Many sounds."
Most popular instrument in the Baroque Period
Round Plastic disc with a groove
Piano music that was a precursor to Jazz
Russian composer whose most famous works include Overature 1812, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, and March Slave
Instrumental introduction to the opera.
Austrian composer known as the “Father of the symphony”.
Wrote more than 600 leider
Modern Musical Theater. Developed from Vaudeville Variety Shows
Most popular keyboard instrument in the classical period
The first true American art form
King of Ragtime
Tells a story using dance with no talking.
Composer of West Side Story
Liszt and Dvorak used melodies from folk songs and dances of their home countries.
The Classical Period placed a huge emphasis on ____________ (AB, ABA, RONDO, ETC) - Hint - Look for a poster
Composed Hallelujah Chorus
German Songs
20th Century Composers found new sounds using __________ instruments
Sung text that moves the storyline along in opera. Speech-like singing.
a long vocal work, with soloists, choir, and orchestra that tells a story without costumes or scenery
Romantic Period got its name because it is about portraying lots of different _________.
Hungarian and Blue
Instrumental introduction to the opera.
SUDDEN CHANGES IN VOLUME. __________ Dynamics